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Mithras Temple - antique monument

The mixture of different cultures across whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Jajce as well, is visible trough the monuments built in different time periods. 300 meters from medieval town center is Mithreum - invaluable historical heritage.
Central altar in Mithreum 
The cult of invincible Sun god - Mithra, was widespread amongst roman soldiers and citizents across the Roman empire in 2 nd and 3 rd century A.D.
Mithras was Indo-Persian god of son and light who insures hope, justice and life after death to its followers. As described, mithraism was an ideal base for Christianity that was very soon spread in this region.

The mithraic rituals were held in mistical atmosphere. They used to built very small and almost always undergraung temples. In absence of a natural cavern, they would built its imitations - speleums, like the one in Jajce.

The main temple room is rather small, with carved stone benches at the side walls, for approximatelly 15 people. In the central part of temple there is a big altar, where mithraists used to sacrifice some animals. On the top of the altar there is an ilustration of Mithra, carved in rock. Mithra, in a shape of a young man dressed in cloak, is killing a bull. The tail of bull is decorated with ear of wheat witch represents productive agricultural year. In this act, Mithra is being assisted by a dog, snake and a scorpion, while a raven above his head is a messanger of the Sun. The relief is also showing two torchbearers, Cautes and Chautopates, and two woman figures. Beside main altar, there are two smaller ones and a stone statue of Cautopates with no head. 

Mithra's temple in Jajce is one the oldest monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and due to its particularities, one of the most important Mithra's temples in Europe. 

If you prefere, visit to the temple can be part of the city tour. Read more 

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